About me

Hello. I’m a freelance copywriter who occasionally likes to write other stuff too. Hence this blog.

In the unlikely event that I write something interesting or provocative, please feel free to leave an insult a heart-warming comment.

2 responses to “About me

  1. Nolan

    Hi Kev, knowing the degree to which poor copy and poor punctuation drives you nuts, I wonder if you’ve seen the current w/p ad for Serious Lights (or is that Lights, by Serious – who, confusingly, also call themselves Serious Readers)? It’s an absolute mess of errors. Find the ad and then rant here; I’d enjoy reading your comments (without the need of any artificial light at all).

    • bravenewmalden

      I’ll look out for it. I had noticed one of their ads years ago and was struck by its pompous tone – it seemed to suggest sales of their lamps would be subject to you reading the right kind of books – but didn’t notice any howlers. Any particular publication? I’d imagine the Sunday Telegraph.

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