A sunny lunchtime in the park

“Ooo, this is nice. Where shall we sit?”

“There’s loads of space! How about over there, by that man?”

“The one on his own, reading the paper?”

“Yes. Come on.”

“Or we could sit away from the man. Over there, say? There’s more space there.”

“It must be nice where he is though, musn’t it? Otherwise he wouldn’t be sitting there, would he?”

“True. Come on then. ’Ere, what we gonna talk about?”

“I reckon general stuff. This and that, you know.”

“What, like ‘so he turned round and said, and I turned round and said’, and all that?”

“What did he say?”


“The geezer. He turned round and said something.”

“There weren’t no geezer. I’m just saying, we could talk like that when we sit next to the bloke over there.”

“Oh. Right. And I’ve got loads of funny things to look at on my phone. They’re hilarious.  ‘Ere, who’s got the dinner?”

“Well I’ve got the coke so you must have the crisps.”

“This is lovely, innit. ‘Ere, that man don’t look too happy, does he?”

“Probably just read summit bad in the paper.”


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2 responses to “A sunny lunchtime in the park

  1. Ken Richman

    It was you reading the paper wasn’t it, BraveNew.

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