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Bobby’s drawers

Had he not died, David Ogilvy would probably be the only person to have worked at Ogilvy & Mather longer than Bobby Norris. Originally an art director, Bobby worked with everyone from Fay Weldon to Tony Hancock and whose throwaway lunchtime comment provided the strapline for the long-lasting ‘Unzip a Banana’ campaign.  He should have retired years ago but Bobby, 75, insists on turning up for work two or three days a week in Ogilvy’s Redworks studio. And his colleagues should be grateful that he does, because Bobby is the agency’s unofficial quartermaster.

Say “Got a stapler, Bobby?” and Bobby’s likely to respond with “Standard, electric, long reach or booklet?”*

Here’s a look at what’s in Bobby’s drawers:

Robbie’s top drawer

Robbie’s middle drawer

Robbie’s bottom drawer

And here’s a look at what’s inside a freelancer’s drawer:

* No skin staplers, though. If you’re undertaking a bowel resection during colorectal surgery, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Edit: Bobby Norris died in 2014. Campaign magazine carried a brief obituary.

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