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You want hard-working advertising words. That’s why we’ve identified two more.

I say ‘we’, because I wasn’t alone in spotting this comparatively recent trend. The estimable Tom Albrighton over on ABC Copywriting did all the heavy lifting back in May. Quick on his feet, that Tom. All I’m bringing to the table is a few more examples.

I’m talking about the ubiquity of the two words ‘that’s why’ in advertising copy. As Tom says, it follows the formula:

At A, we know how important B is. That’s why we C, which gives you D.

Or: You know this? That’s why we have this

It’s cropping up everywhere. It’s like every copywriter in town has been on the same course. Which would be strange, because copywriters don’t go on courses.

Here’s a few examples I’ve half-heartedly collected over the past two weeks. There are loads more out there.

'Find healthy'? Let's not go there.

One ad. Three that's-whys.

Oh, so that's why!

This is a bit of a non-sequitur, in my opinion.

Basically, we wanted to increase profits and hurt the competition. That's why we were compelled to make our products look and sound desirable. Otherwise we'd have just thrown together the first thing our designers came up with.

It's Sidney again, still looking for healthy. Hang on, wasn't he 88 in the previous ad? Time flies when you get old. (That's why you should try and enjoy every day as if it were your last.)



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Changing the world – one cliché at a time

I’m like a red rag to a plague when it comes to clichés. I avoid them like a horse! But I can’t help noticing them, especially when they seem to be encircling me like moths in a china shop.

One cliché that’s attracted my attention recently has been a variation on doing something one step at a time.

We all do things one step at a time, of course.  It’s generally accepted to be the ideal method of walking, for example. But this is something else. It’s an idea, a hope, an audacious reach-for-the-stars belief that one person can change the entire world by doing something in tiny, incremental steps. Sometimes it’s more than one person. Sometimes it’s a group, a cult, a small coterie of like-minded people, and sometimes it’s a humungous multi-global congomerate. I’m looking at you, Nike.












Match the aim with the means-type competition

So now you get the general idea, it’s time to see if you can match a website’s grandiose aim with its proposed oh-so-gradual means of achieving that aim. For example, if you think the aim of Overclocking the World will be achieved One sausage at a time, say so to yourself or write it down or something.

Unlike other competitions, there’s no 2nd or 3rd prize or indeed any prizes at all. And in another break with competition orthodoxy, I’m not really interested in your answers. Have a go anyway. You never know, you could get all of them right!!!

Chasing greatness One conversation at a time
Overclocking the world One slap at a time
Photoshopping the world One assertion at a time
Conquering the world One mall at a time
Curing pneumonia One sausage at a time
Taking back the world One Syrah at a time
Preserving the past One contract at a time
Testing the world One PC at a time
Creating the future One banana at a time
Making America skinny One pixel at a time

Until next week then. Poodle tip!


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